Gearbox Repair

South Alliance offers a full range of gearbox repair and maintenance services, with a specialty in mobile, heavy duty, and large gearbox rebuilding and repair. We can assist with full and partial gearbox rebuilds; case rebuilds; gear, bearing, and/ or seal changes.


  • Full Tear Down
  • Cleaning
  • Inspection Report
  • Component Repair
  • OEM Parts Sourcing
  • Replacement Part Manufacturing
  • Tolerance & Contact Pattern Verification
  • Painting
  • Exchange Service

Industries & Products Served

  • Shaft Mounted Gearbox
  • Righ Angle Gearbox
  • Planetary Gearbox
  • Pump Drives
  • Helical Gear Drives
  • Worm Gear
  • Split Power, Double Output
  • PTO’s
  • Mobile Equipment
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Material Handling
  • Transpotation
  • Mining
  • Drilling
  • Maritime
  • Rail

We offer emergency and rush services. Contact us for a quote or more information.